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Video Analyser

iSports Video Analyser is an affordable and easy to use desktop app designed to help coaches, teams and players gain performance and data insights through the analysis of game and training video. Video can provide coaches with important insights to improve individual performance, develop and improve team strategy, and scout opposition to exploit weaknesses and utilise strengths- sometimes missed when watching live.

Ease of Use

  • Designed to get you analysing video as quick as possible, simply drag and drop a video or package into the app, add some coding/mark up buttons and you’re ready to start analysing video.
  • iSports VA supports multiple video types including .mov, mp4 and Sportscode packages.

Coding Editor/Panel

  • With a flexible coding panel, you can be as simple or complex as your analysis requires.
  • Create coding buttons with automatic lead in and fixed times and create label buttons to further assist analysis. Code panels can be saved for future use, or even shared among other coaches.
  • Whether you want to simply tag some game highlights, or a panel to tag every player on your team with numerous stats, the decision is yours.


The timeline panel show a complete view of the mark ups made to the entire video. All instances and rows can be edited, and notes added and included to the playlist for later viewing and editing. All rows and instances can be exported into 1 single seamless movie file which can be played separately or added to PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.


  • Instances from the timeline can be added to a playlist for later viewing, or generating a video for presentation or team meeting, or sharing to players in the iSports TEAM app.
  • For example, from a 2-hour game, the playlist can generate a video showing just the highlights or key moments you need in just a 2-minute video presentation.

Matrix- Stats

  • All your coding and mark up information is displayed in the interactive matrix. Click on the data to preview the vision associated with the information.
  • Export the information to create a stats report for your team.

Imports and Exports

You can export edits, rows, instances and playlists into a movie file for use outside of the software- such as for use in presentations and sharing with iSports TEAM.

  • The following coding formats are supported to import into a package:
  • Sportscode packages
  • Sportscode Editlist XML/ TL codes plist files
  • Champion Data XML
  • Generic XML

The following coding formats are supported to export from your package:

  • Sportscode Editlist XML
  • Generic XML

You can share (export) your coding files with other coaches with iSports Video, and they can import into their own game video.


iSports Video Analyser is based on a yearly subscription. With an active subscription you get access to the Mac app and all updates. iSports VA can also be bundled with iSports TEAM, to share your videos, documents and presentations with your team members.


  • 1 user
  • Access to iSports VA and all features
  • All updates included



Need more users?

Contact us and we can provide a quote for clubs/teams/schools that require more users.