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AFL Rotations - State & Pro

The iSports Rotations app is the premium rotations management tool for Australian Rules Football and was used by 10 AFL teams in 2019, including the premiers Richmond. Rotations has forged a reputation of being easy to use in the heat of game day, reliable, and visually informative and insightful to help with game day decisions. This version can be adapted to suit levels from Amateurs/Country or State league, to the full featured AFL version.

Field Rotations (STATE and PRO)

Field Rotations provides a traditional on-field overview of the playing group and their positions on the field and bench.

Designed specifically for iPad and only available for high level teams, the players can be moved around with an intuitive and easy to use drag & drop system. Simply move the players to where they need to be or move a player onto the bench to perform a rotation.

Grid Rotations (PRO)

  • Given the interchange and runner restrictions in the AFL, the grid system is an order-based system by where players have an allocated rotation time.
  • Players can easily identify their position in the order and who they will be replacing on field.
  • The grid system is easy to use, players can be moved up and down the lists, between lanes, or to the bench simply by dragging and dropping the player icon.

Real Time Stats

  • Rotations stats are updated and displayed in real time and can be mirrored to other devices (eg. Coaches box).
  • Mutliple stats screens are available including bench/field times and %, time in position and bench/field splits.


  • Multiple devices can be linked within the same network to mirror the master device. Useful when Rotations is run from the bench and a display is required in the coach’s box.
  • The mirrored device displays the on-field layout but can also view the stats screens independently for in-depth real-time insights.
  • Screens can also be shared in a variety of ways including on a TV monitor for the players- depending on your intended workflow.


  • All match data is stored in the device and available for exports into various formats including CSV, TL Code and PDF.
  • A match summary is generated from the match in PDF format with various reports including per quarter rotation stints, specific time in positions, field/bench times and rotation splits.

Product inclusions

STATE- $330

5 devices

  • Field Rotations
  • Mirroring- basic
  • Stats Screen 1 and 2
  • CSV Report
  • PDF Report

AFL- PRO - Contact for Pricing

10+ Devices

  • Full AFL club license- AFL, AFLW, State league affiliate
  • Field Rotations
  • Grid Rotations
  • Mirroring- multiple devices
  • Full stats screens
  • Specific Time in Position Stats
  • PDF Report Export
  • Full CSV Export
  • Sportscode Coding Export
  • Full AFL, AFLW team lists
  • Full technical support
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