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AFL Rotations - Community

Endorsed by the AFLCA, the iSports Rotations Community app is designed for schools, grassroots and community based Australian Rules Football teams. Based on the same iSports Rotations technology used by 10 AFL clubs in 2019, Rotations Community edition is an easy to use and affordable solution to manage interchanges, field positions and ensure players are getting equal game time.

Rotations Community Edition is accessed via an auto-renewing subscription of $4.49/month via iTunes. Once downloaded, the subscription can be purchased inside the app via an iTunes in-App purchase

Download at the App Store

Field Rotations

Provides a traditional on-field overview of the playing group in their positions on the field and the bench. Designed specifically for iPad, players can be moved around with an easy to use and intuitive drag and drop system. Move players into position or drop on top of a bench player to perform a rotation.

Team Editor

  • Add your team with colours, and the playing squad. Enter teams for multiple grades.
  • The team editor allows you to enter the entire squad, so you only need to do it once.
  • On game day, simply pick the playing team from the list.

Player Options

  • Players can be assigned a colour for easy colour coded rotation groups. The stats screen can be sorted by colour, to easily display stats of players within each group.
  • Adjust timings for player field time and bench time. This will ensure players are not on the field or bench too long. When players get close to their allocated field time, they are highlighted with a warning (orange to red) so that the operator can easily see and then manage.

Real Time Stats

  • Rotations stats are updated and displayed in real time. This helps the operator ensure that all players are given equal share of field, position and bench time.
  • Take a screen shot and send to players, parents or the league.

Want more features?

For clubs that require more features, support and in-depth stats, check our premium Rotations App, powering 10 AFL teams (PRO version) and numerous State League, Amateur and Country teams.

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